What researchers do within the European Sexual Medicine Network

What is going on in the European Sexual Medicine Network? Researchers across Europa share their work and experiences.

Prof. Charlotta Löfgren (Malmö University, Sweden)

Dr. Hanneke de Graaf (Rutgers, The Netherlands)

Second online seminar of the lecture series in Sexual Medicine and Oncology

The Austrian Academy of Sexual Medicine (ÖASM) has organized three Online Seminars on “Sexual Medicine & Oncology”. The second seminar is due in the next weeks. Participation is free of charge. The program is shown by clicking the picture.

Online Seminars on Sexual Medicine & Oncology in 2022/2023

This year again the Austrian Academy of Sexual Medicine (ÖASM) organizes 3 Online Seminars on “Sexual Medicine & Oncology”. Participation is free of charge. The program is shown by clicking the picture.


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During the meeting of  the ESMN subgroup “Disabilities and Sexual Health” in Valencia, Spain, on October 25, 2022 this video was made

You can watch it by clicking on the picture!

The program of the meeting will unfold by clicking on the link below

Program Valencia meeting

New ESMN publication on the impact of the COVID-10 pandemic on intimacy and sexuality in eight European countries

To download the article in Sexuality & Culture, click the link.

Online meeting Working Group 2


Online meeting Working Group 4


Open Research Europe: An opportunity for open access publishing of ESMN-related papers

COST Actions can now submit their scientific publications directly to Open Research Europe (ORE), the European Commission’s Open Access publishing platform for research stemming from Horizon Europe.

Open Research Europe is an original publishing venue, like a journal, not a repository (where papers already published somewhere else are deposited). ORE accepts articles in all fields of science: submitted research must be original, not be submitted anywhere else for publication, and stem from a COST Action.

It provides a reliable peer-reviewed publishing service of high scientific quality, with swift publication times. The platform also implements rigorous scientific standards which are overseen by an international Scientific Advisory Board.

Publishing in Open Research Europe is free of charge; the European Commission covers all costs. Lastly, Open Research Europe is also a solution to publish articles even after the COST Action has ended.

More information is available on the European Commission’s website, which contains helpful tips, guides and FAQs, including how to prepare articles and data for submission. If you have further questions on submitting research that stems from your COST Action to ORE please contact Ruth Fisher: publishing@open-research-europe.ec.europa.eu

Please note that this is complementary to the existing COST rules on Open Access publications.

COST webinar on Integrating the gender dimension in research & innovation

The COST Academy is delighted to invite you and your COST Action colleagues to join its first ever webinar on Integrating the gender dimension in research & innovation. The webinar will be held on 13 October 2022, between 11:00-12:00 CET.

The webinar is open to all COST Action participants, so please feel free to spread the information to all of your Action network.

The aim of the webinar is to raise awareness on how to effectively integrate gender and sex analysis when carrying out research. The webinar will be presented by Prof. Ineke Klinge, Rapporteur for the Horizon 2020 Gendered Innovations 2 project, and Chair of the Horizon 2020 Advisory Group on Gender at the European Commission.

The webinar will provide participants with a general introduction on topics related to the gender dimension in research, including:

  1. How to integrate sex and gender analysis into different areas of research and innovation
  2. Why the integration of sex and gender analysis is important and how it will add value to your research in terms of excellence and in-depth understanding of diverse gender needs
  3. How sex and gender stimulate innovation and respond better to social needs and interests by opening new perspectives,
  4. How a sex, gender and intersectional analysis can contribute to a more inclusive society.

During the webinar you will also learn more on the results of the Gendered Innovations Expert Groups 1 and 2, e.g., by presentation of case study examples.

Please join us online on Thursday 13 October 2022 between 11:00-12:00 CET by registering using the link and password below to learn more about these highly relevant topics.

Registration link: https://www.cost.eu/cost-events/gender-in-research-webinar/

Password: GENDERWEB2022