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The European Sexual Medicine Network (ESMN) is an international network of medical science researchers and practitioners, educators and social service professionals involved with sexual health and medicine. ESMN allows us to pool our talents, training and time in order to expand and deliver up-to-the-minute sexual health and medicine programs and services through the European Community.

The network’s fundamental objective is to improve sexual health – a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality – at individual, family, community and health system levels. Sexual medicine serves as the vehicle to reach this objective.

With this in mind, our working goals as network professionals are:

1) to open doors of opportunity to medical and social scientists whose discoveries and practices will extend the scope of the field
2) to prepare sexual medical curricula for university education that meet European qualification and recognition standards
3) to build public understanding that sexual health and sexual medicine contribute significantly to good health and well-being for people everywhere.


Podcast – Patricia Pascoal (2)

Prof. Patricia Pascoal
Transdiagnostic processes are well known explanatory factors for the development and maintenance of psychological distress. However sexual distress is absent from studies in the context of a transdiagnostic approcah. This study aims to overcome that gap and present preliminary results on the association between repetitive negative thinking and sexual distress

Podcast – Joke Dupont

Joke Dupont, MSc
This presentation introduces our recent study, which is the first Delphi study in the field of sexual health that aims to identify interdisciplinary and transnational research priorities based on opinions of the experts from the European Sexual Medicine Network (ESMN).

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Dr. Greil-Soyka explains the European Sexual Medicine Network

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