If you would like to join this COST Action please ensure that you read the guidance notes published on the COST website. For any general enquiries please contact:

Prof. Ethel Quayle Ethel.Quayle@ed.ac.uk

To ensure objectivity and transparency for participation to the COST Action ESMN CA18124, the MC has to set up the procedure for participation in the Action WGs. This procedure sets up the process for individuals to participate in one or more WGs. It is important to note that WG participation does not automatically entitle you to be reimbursed to WG meetings.


1.     Who can be a Working Group member?

Researchers, specialists, professionals, scholars or other stakeholders in the fields of medicine, psychology, sociology, pedagogy and other health sciences affiliated to universities, research centers, companies or other relevant legal entities located in a COST Full or Cooperating Member may participate in the WGs of ESMN once their respective country has accepted the MoU. Researchers in Near Neighbour Countries (NNC) and International Partner Country (IPC) may also apply to become working group members.

2.     How to apply for participation?

Interested individuals from the above-mentioned entities who wish to become WG members should contact the Vice Chair to discuss any questions about his or her interests. She will recommend the Working-group, that matches the individual´s interest. The potential candidate then contacts the Working Group Leader. Following their discussion, the candidate will write a formal letter expressing an interest in joining that working group. The WG leader(s) and the Action Chair and/or the Vice chair will select applicants based on the Selection Criteria below and communicate the result to the MC:
Selection Criteria:
–        Added value and expertise of candidate to reach the WG objectives
–        Commitment of WG candidate
–        Implementation of COST policy rules
Working Group 4 (or the Communication Manager) will ensure that the WGs composition are listed and frequently updated on the ESMN website.

3.     Responsibilities of the WG members

The WG members shall for the best of their abilities actively contribute to the achievement of the WG objectives and completion of tasks. WG participation does not automatically entitle you to be reimbursed to WG meetings.