Leadership Positions

Action Chair:Dr. Marianne Greil-Soyka
Action Vice Chair:Dr. Ethel Quayle
Working Group 1:Dr. Charmaine Borg (Leader)
Dr. Marieke Dewitte (Co-Leader)
Working Group 2:Prof. Charlotta Löfgren-Mårtenson (Leader)
Prof. Erick Janssen (Co-Leader)
Working Group 3:Prof. Johannes Bitzer (Leader)
Dr. Paraskevi-Sofia Kirana (Co-Leader)
Working Group 4:Prof. Jacques van Lankveld (Leader)
Prof. Kirsten Mitchell (Co-Leader)
Grant Holder Scientific Representative:Prof. Richard Greil
Science Communication Manager: Dr. Dejan Bratus
The Science Communication Manager will be supported by the SCOM Committee which will work closely with Working Group 4 (Dr. Nehama Lewis and Dr. Charmaine Borg)
STSM Coordinator:Dr. Raffaella Ferrero Camoletto

The STSM Coordinator will be supported by the STSM Committee (Dr. Kateřina Klapilova, Dr. Goran Arbanas and Prof. Zsolt Kopa)

ITC Conference Manager:Prof. Asija Zaciragic

Management Committee

The whole Management Committee further consists of additional MC Members and MC Substitutes for each Member Country and can be found on the COST Homepage.

COST Association

Science Officer:Dr. Mafalda Quintas

Tel.: +3225333834
E-Mail: mafalda.quintas@cost.eu

Administrative Officer:Tania Gonzalez – Ovin

Tel.: +32494143836
E-Mail: Tania.GonzalezOvin@cost.eu