ESMN member Dr. Laura Baams receives prestigious Van Emde Boas van Ussel Price

At the NVVS Spring Congress 2022 ‘Sexuality in the Spotlight’ in Utrecht, the Netherlands Scientific Society for Sexology (NVVS) presented the Van Emde Boas – Van Ussel Prize on Friday 25 March 2022 to Dr Laura Baams, assistant professor at the Department of Pedagogy and Educational Sciences at the University of Groningen. Laura Baams is member of the ESMN

ESMN Delphi study published in Sexuality Research and Social Policy

Recently, Joke Dupont and coworkers published a study on sexual health priorities within the countries affiliated with the European Sexual Medicine Network

The definition of sexual health evolves over time. As sexual health definitions and priorities are also context-dependent, there is a need to identify a diversity of sexual health challenges and priorities from a pan-European perspective.
We examined what a group of diverse experts in this area identifies as interdisciplinary, transnational priorities on sexual health using a Delphi method. In 2020, 93 participants from 29 countries took part in an online Delphi study. First, based on a three-round Delphi study, a hierarchy of priority topics was developed, comparing consensus rates across the items. Second, a qualitative content analysis of the participants’ responses to existing gaps and possible improvements in sexual health was administered.
An inventory of priority items was created. The panelists identified 37 priority topics, divided into 10 overarching themes. Consensus was reached based on quantitative measurements regarding the importance of the suggested priority topics relevant to sexual health, resulting in 23 implemented items in the list of priorities. Qualitative data from the experts informed us about possible
sexual health challenges and blind spots.

Dupont, J., Chollier, M., Meštrović, T., Quayle, E., Skrenes, A., & Dewaele, A. (2022). Towards a Transnational Sexual Health Research and Policy Agenda: the European Sexual Medicine Network Delphi Study. Sexuality Research and Social Policy (E-pub).

To see a preprint version, please click here: Dupont et al. Delphi study


Ukrainian researchers participation in COST activities

Dear Action Chairs,


Please be informed that COST issued a statement on Ukraine, which is available here: COST | European Cooperation in Science and Technology

Moreover, we hereby reconfirm that all Ukrainian-affiliated researchers continue to be eligible to receive COST funding.

As a COST Action, you can inform your participants or contacts in Ukraine that they are eligible to apply for STSMs, Virtual Networking Tools, and join any Working Group via an easy online procedure. Eligibility to receive COST funding applies to WG members and ad-hoc participants.

In case your Action does not fit the researchers field exactly, please advise them to find a relevant COST Action.

If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact the COST Administration/ your Science Officer.


Kind regards,

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New booklet on COST Actions against Covid-19

A new booklet was published about what COST Actions do against Covid-19, check out:

MEETING Working Group 4 in Porto, Portugal