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Individual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus

The Center for Psychology at University of Porto (CPUP) is welcoming applications from PhD holders in Psychology who wish to develop their scientific research at the University of Porto, Portugal.


CPUP brings together researchers from different areas of Psychology with a common interest in human behavior, mind and brain, in both health and disease. The overarching goal of CPUP is to produce world-class research and innovative educational and clinical applications, thereby contributing to the development of an inclusive society.

CPUP includes five research groups (RG) that share well-equipped labs to conduct basic and applied research:

See details of the application here:


The following reference levels applicants are considered:

  1. Junior Researcher: PhD holders for 5 or less years, with limited post-doctoral research experience in the scientific area of the application.
  2. Assistant Researcher: PhD holders for over 5 years and up to 12 years, with relevant curriculum in the scientific area of the application, and with limited scientific independence.
  3. Principal Researcher: PhD holders for over 12 years with relevant curriculum in the scientific area of the application, demonstrating some scientific independence for the last 3 years.
  4. Coordinating Researcher: PhD holders of a title of agregação or habilitação in Portugal, with a curriculum of high merit and demonstrating scientific independence and leadership in the scientific area of the application.

The call is open until 3 March 2022, 5 p.m. (Lisbon time).

Please contact:

In Memoriam Prof. Ellen Laan, PhD

The ESMN regrets the passing of one of its members, Prof. Ellen Lane, PhD. For an In Memoriam by Prof. dr. Lori Brotto, PhD, President of the International Academy of Sex Research, please see:

In Memoriam Ellen Laan PhD by Lori Brotto, PhD, IASR President