MC Meeting and Working Group meetings in Amsterdam, May 19-21


The 3-day meeting in Amsterdam, at the Amsterdams Proeflokaal, took place from May 19-21.


Special Issue on paraphilias of Your Sexual Medicine Journal (IJIR): Call for papers

Your Sexual Medicine Journal (IJIR) is planning a Special Issue on “Paraphilias” guest edited by Dr. Safiye Tozdan ( This special issue will be a unique source for people who are interested in this topic. It would be great to include several ESMN members.

This special issue focuses on covering different dimensions of paraphilias including biological basis, legal aspects, and therapeutical interventions. It consists of  new empirical data- as well as (systematic) reviews on previous findings.

We are calling for original submissions/review articles covering all aspects of paraphilias:

Paraphilias in ancient and modern times
Phenomenology and classification of paraphilias
Interventions for (specific) paraphilias
Pharmalogical treatment of (specific) paraphilias
Assessment of (specific) paraphilias
Online interventions for (specific) paraphilias
Neurobiology of (specific) paraphilias
Paraphilias and sexual offending
Legal aspects of paraphilias

Studies or reviews particularly including
– Exhibitionism
– Frotteurism
– Voyeurism or
– Necrophilia

Manuscripts can be submitted on the IJIR website: