Dr. Sam Ward

Professional Experience

2018 – now:
Social Media Editor of the ESSM
Officer in communication committee of the ISSM
Vice president YOSEMA (Young Sexual Medicine Academicians)
Chief Coordinator of the Surgical Department of Urology
Chief Medical Officer Building Healthcare for Tomorrow

2016 – now:
board certified uro-andrologist, FEBU, FECSM

Expertise and Research Interests

In conjunction with MD, PHD Van Renterghem Koenraad:

  • Erectile dysfunction & Peyronie
  • SEXpertise – Approach to Sexual Health in the Medical Consultation Setting (#220 Clinical sexual medecine together with a group of YOSEMA (Carla Veiga Rodrigues)
  • I’m particulary interested in healthcare management and how organising care can create added value and sustainability of care

Selected Publications

  1. 12-2010 TTMedClinicalCaseAwardWinner: Appropriate treatment of a Patient with advanced renal cell carcinoma and congenital Neutropenia (MD, PHD Joniau Steven, MD Verbrugghe Anneleen, MD, FEBU Baekelandt Frederic, MD, PHD Uvin Pieter, MD, FEBU Ward Sam)
  2. Tribute to Uro-Oncology: MD, FEBU, Ward S; MD, PHD, FEBU Everaerts Wouter, MD, PHD De Ridder Dirk)
  3. When and how to remove nodes in renal cell cancer: dr. Swinnen G, Dr. Ward S, prof. Dr. Van Poppel H. JOJ Urology & Nephrology Volume 2 Issue 1 March 2017-11-04
  4. Serum antioxidant enzyme levels are decreased in patients with urinary calcium oxalate stones: Omer Onur Cakir, MehMet Gokhan Culha, …. Sam Ward. Urology Journal Volume 14 no 4.
  5. Journal of Sexual Medecine: Clinical recommendations from the European Society for Sexual Medecine on Penile Implants Dr Osmonov Daniar, Dr Cobi Reisman Dr Ward Sam