Redona Dudushi

Professional Experience

2001 – now: Institute of Public Health / Clinic Psychologist  for STI

2013 Continue: Lecture University of Tirana, Faculty of Social Science, Division of Psychology

2019 2019: Visiting Scholar at Emory University

2007 – 2010: Coordinator for Counselling and Testing Centres for HIV under Global Fund.

Expertise and Research Interests

  • Counseling for People Living with HIV  and affected from HIV
  • Sexual Behaviors  of People Living with Chronic Diseases
  • Qualitative Research
  • Behavioral characteristics of vulnerable groups(Sex workers and MSM)
  • Designing the curricula for Sexual Health and Sexology for Social Science students
  • Sexual Behaviours of people living with chronic diseases
  • Sexual Behaviours in  context of Ebola virus diseases
  • Mental Health and Sexual Disorders

Selected Publications

  1. Dudushi., R. Tamo., A. 2018. Sexual Health of People Living with HIV in Albania. International Annals of Medicine. Volume 2, issue 12.
  2. Dudushi.,R, Bino.,S, Harxhi.,A, Dervishi., M, Tamo.,A.2018.Assessment of Depression in People Living with HIV in Albania: The influence of demographic data, adherence, sexual desire in depression. International Journal of Humanities Social Sciences and Education. Volume 5. Issue 10.
  3. Dudushi., R.2018.Assessment of Sexual Desire in PLWH in Albania: How change the sexual desire according
  4. to adherence to therapy, sexual behaviors and depression. Journal of Health Science and Nursing. ISSN: 2456-298X
  5. Dudushi.,R, Tamo.,A, Bino.,S,Harxhi.,A.2018.Sexual Practice and Sexual Behaviors over the past 12 months in PLWH in Albania