Dr. Marcel Leppée

  • Institute for Healthy Ageing

Professional Experience

I have the experience in chronic diseases and multimorbidity, particularly in older people. The previous action I was engaged was about ageism, where the holistic principle was inaugurated – discrimination in health care, social care, housing, transportation, etc. The aging population compels different medical and psychosocial sciences to deal increasingly with the sexual health of older people.

Expertise and Research Interests

  • Public health
  • Gerontology, chronic disease, including sexual dysfunction
  • Multimorbidity, dealing with dissemination activities (social network, newsletter, website)

Selected Publications

I am a co-author of the Springers Handbook „Contemporary Perspectives on Ageism“ (2018).
Research on incidence, prevalence, diagnosis, and optimal treatment of sexual dysfunction associated with chronic illness, becomes more important.