Dr. Katarzyna Waszyńska

Professional Experience

1997 – 2002: Doctoral School of Educational Studies (Department of Health Promotion and Psychotherapy UAM) Dissertation topic: “Biographical Determinants of Sexual Activity of Students.”
1991 – 1996: psychological studies – Institute of Psychology,UAM ; specializations within the study: clinical and social. Thesis: „Psychosocial Determinants of Prostitution”.
– Psychologist (1996), certified sexologist (2002), specialist in sexual education (1998)
1998 – 2001: School of Clinical Medicine at the Institute of Sexology and Pathology of Interpersonal Relationships (CMKP) in Warsaw (sexual dysfunction in men and women, developmental sexology, judicial sexology, the treatment of impotence, paraphilia, diagnosis and therapy of sexology)
2000 – 2001: Study of methods for working with children – victims of sexual abuse and their caregivers (200 hours) Nobody’s Children Foundation, Warsaw
– Specialist in post-traumatic stress treatment (2006) and in marriage and family therapy (2006)
– Adviser in marital and family problems (2006)

Expertise and Research Interests

Psychologist (1996), pedagogue(2002), certified clinical sexologist (2002), specialist in sexual education (1998), specialist in post-traumatic stress treatment (2006), specialist in marriage and family therapy (2006), adviser in marital and family problems (2006)

Head of the Laboratory for Promotion of Health and Psychotherapy WSE UAM

Research Areas: Sexuality during the life span; clinical sexology, violent behaviours, sexual education, intimate relationships, sex therapy

Selected Publications

  • Pérez-Martínez, V., Sanz-Barbero, B., Ferrer-Cascales, R., Bowes, N., Ayala, A., Sánchez-SanSegundo, M., Albaladejo-Blázquez, N., Rosati, N., Neves, S., Pereira Vieira, C., Jankowiak, B., Waszyńska, K., Vives-Cases, C. (2020). The role of social support in machismo and acceptance of violence among adolescents in Europe. Lights4Violence Baseline Results. Journal of Adolescent Health. https://www.jahonline.org/article/S1054-139X(20)30530-9/fulltext
  • Skowronski, D. P., Hirayama, M., Pacher, A., & Waszynska, K. (2019, September). The Sexuality of Young Adults in Japan, Austria, Germany, Poland and the USA with the Focus on Sexual Norms. International Journal of Sexual Health, 31, A444-A445
  • Skowroński, D. P., Othman, A. B., Siang, D. T. W., Han, G. L. W., Yang, J. W. J., & Waszyńska, K. (2014). The outline of selected marital satisfaction factors in the intercultural couples based on the westerner and non-westerner relationships. Polish Psychological Bulletin, 45(3), 346-356