Michela Balocchi

Professional Experience

2016 – now: Independent researcher and activist for intersex human rights

2014 – 2016: Marie Curie fellow (IOF, FP7-PEOPLE)

2010 – 2014:  Adjunct Professor (Faculty of Medicine Firenze), Guest Lecturer in various Universities

2004 – 2010: PhD student; Teaching Assistant and Tutor (University of Firenze)

Expertise and Research Interests

  • The medicalization of VCS (variations of sex characteristics)/DSD (differences of sex development)
  • Intersex Human Rights
  • Gender inequalities and intersectionality
  • The social construction of the concepts of gender/sex, gender identity, and intersex

Selected Publications

  • Balocchi (ed.), Intersex. Antologia Multidisciplinare, ETS àltera. Politiche e teorie della sessualità, Pisa, 2019.
  • Balocchi – Kehrer, “The Bio-medicalization of Intersex Variations in Italy between Medical and Parental Authority”, in Gender and Authority (Bardazzi-Bazzoni eds.), Palgrave Macmillan’s Series in Gender Studies, 2020.
  • Balocchi, “Un apparente paradosso. Le pratiche mediche di gestione dell’intersessualità in Italia”, in Balocchi (ed.), 109-156.
  • Balocchi, “Sexual and Human Rights of Intersex People: the Sociological Aspects of Medicalization of Intersexuality in Italy”, in Gender and Sexuality (Antosa ed.), Aracne editrice, Roma, 2012, 35-50.