Prof. Ethel Quayle

Professional Experience

2019 –now: Professor, University of Edinburgh
2014 –2019: Reader/Professor, University of Edinburgh
2010 –2014: Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh
2004 –2010: Senior Lecturer, University College Cork

Expertise and Research Interests

  • Online child sexual exploitation and abuse
  • Online sexual offending
  • Deterrence
  • Sexual deviance online

Selected Publications

  1. Quayle, E. (2020). Prevention, disruption and deterrence of online child sexual exploitation and abuse. ERA Forum, 21, 429–447.
  2. Quayle, E. (2020). Online sexual deviance, pornography and child sexual exploitation material. Forensische Psychiatrie, Psychologie, Kriminologie,14(3), 251-258
  3. Steel, C.M.S., Newman, E., O’Rourke, S. & Quayle, E. (2020). An integrative review of historical technology and countermeasure usage trends in online child sexual exploitation material offenders. ForensicScience International: Digital Investigation, 33, 300971,