Prof. Charlotta Löfgren-Mårtenson

Professional Experience

2016 – now: Professor, Malmö University

2014 – 2016: Director Centre of Sexology and Sexuality Studies, Malmö University

2010 – 2014: Professor Health and Society, field of Sexology and Sexuality Studies

2004 – 2010: PhD, Associate Professor, field of Sexology and Sexuality Studies

Expertise and Research Interests

  • Disability and sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • Youth, gender and sexuality
  • Sexology as an academic subject
  • Sex education
  • The use of the Internet for sexual (and love) purposes
  • Sexual harassments within Academia
  • Authorized Clinical Sexologist via Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology (NACS)

Selected Publications

1.Löfgren-Mårtenson, L. & Ouis, P. (2019). ‘We Need Culture Bridges’ – Challenges in Sex Education for Youths with Intellectual Disabilities in a Multicultural Society. Sex Education, 19(1): 54-67.

2.Lundberg, P.O. & Löfgren-Mårtenson, L. (eds), (2016). Sexologi [Sexology] (3rd ed.). Stockholm: Liber Förlag.

3.Löfgren-Mårtenson, L., Sorbring, E., Molin, M. (2015).  “T@ngled Up in Blue”: Views of Parents and Professionals on Internet Use for Sexual Purposes Among Young People with Intellectual Disabilities. Sexuality and Disability 33(4), 533–544.

4.Löfgren-Mårtenson, L. (2013). Hip to be Crip? About Crip Theory, Sexuality and People with Intellectual Disabilities. Sexuality and Disability 31(4), 413–424.

5.Löfgren-Mårtenson, L. & Månsson, S.-A. (2010). Lust, Love, and Life: A Qualitative Study of Swedish Adolescents’ Perceptions and Experiences with Pornography. The Journal of Sex Research 47(6), 568–579.