Dr. Valeska Padovese

  • Genitourinary Clinic, Maltese Ministry of Health

Professional Experience

2015 – now: Head of sexual health clinic in Malta.

2010 – 2014: Dermatologist and Venereology at the National Institute for Health, Migration and Poverty (Rome), Italy and Project coordinator in Djibouti

2004 – 2010: Dermatologist and project coordinator in Lampedusa, Malta, Ethiopia, Afghanistan

Expertise and Research Interests

  • STIs and HIV in vulnerable groups (inmates, sex workers, migrants)
  • Skin diseases and STIs in refugees
  • Point of care testing (POCT)
  • HIV and skin correlates
  • Tropical dermatology and infectious diseases
  • Public health

Selected Publications

  1. Donachie A, Spiteri G, Barbara C, Melillo T, Hadad R, Gauci Farrugia A, Unemo M, Padovese V. Lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV) in men who have sex with men (MSM): a re-emerging problem, Malta, 2018. Euro Surveill. 2018 Oct;23(43). doi: 10.2807/1560-7917.ES.2018.23.43.1800541.
  2. Padovese V, Morrone A. Challenges of Refugees Diseases to Dermato-Venereology in Europe. Chapter of the 5th Edition White Book. White Book Editing Team: Prof.H. Gollnick Magdeburg ( editor ), Prof.M.Bagot ,Paris ( coeditor), Prof.J.Barker, London (co-editor), Prof.G.Naldi, Bergamo (co-editor)
  3. Padovese V, Racalbuto V, Barnabas GA, Morrone A..Operational research on the correlation between skin diseases and HIV infection in Tigray region, Ethiopia. Int J Dermatol. 2015 Oct;54(10):1169-74. doi: 10.1111/ijd.12809.
  4. Padovese V, Egidi A.M, Fenech Melillo T, Didero D, Costanzo G, Mirisola C . Migration and determinants of health: clinical epidemiological characteristics of migrants in Malta (2010-2011). J Public Health (Oxf). 2013 Nov 25
  5. Padovese V, Egidi A.M, Fenech Melillo T, Farrugia B, Carabot P, Didero D, Costanzo G, Mirisola C. Prevalence of latent tuberculosis, syphilis, hepatitis B and C among asylum seekers in Malta. Journal of Public Health 2013; doi: 10.1093/pubmed/fdt036