Dr. Thierry Troussier

  • UNESCO Chaire sexual health & Human Rights
  • Paris Diderot University

Professional Experience

2016 – now: The French Ministry of Health.  Sexual health promotion, curriculum ,  youth education

Head of the International UNESCO Chair, head unit  in Paris Diderot University Sexual health &Human Rights

2016 -2010: The French Ministry of Health. national program for HIV-AIDS and STIs prevention , Head of the International UNESCO Chair

Expertise and Research Interests

  • Sexual health
  • Sexual rights
  • Sexologist
  • HIV and STIs
  • public health
  • Teacher in University, international NGO
  • Public health programme management: elaboration, planning, implementation and evaluation
  • HIV and STIs prevention, screening
  • Brief sexual communication, Motivational Interviewing, Counselling, training and clinic
  • Trans-sectoral, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary work development and training

Selected Publications

  1. Sofia De Vasconcelos , Igor Toskin, Bergen Cooper, Marie Chollier, Rob Stephenson, Karel Blondeel, Thierry Troussier, James Kiarie ; Behaviour change   techniques in brief interventions to prevent HIV, STI and unintended pregnancies: A systematic review,  PLOS ONE September 27
  2. Toskin I., Cooper B., Troussier T., Klugman B, Kulier R, Chandra-Mouli V., Temmerman M.; WHO guideline for brief sexuality-related communication: implications for STI/HIV policy and practice, pp 177-184, 10.2016/j.rhm (Reproductive Health Matters) 2015.11.009
  3. Troussier T., 8 publications in collective book under the direction of Mignot J. et Troussier T, sexual health and Human rights : a challenge for humanity, pp 4-12, Paris
  4. De Boeck et Solal, Mar 2015 : Toskin I., Klugman B., Troussier T. and all, WHO/RHR, Apr 2015, Brief sexuality-related communication guidelines for health care providers, 67 p, Apr 2015
  5. Troussier T, Benghozi P, Ganem M. High Risk Sexual Behaviors in Sultan C (ed): Pediatric Adrenal Diseases. Evidence Based Clinical Practice. 2nd, revised and extended edition, Endocr Dev. Basel, Karger, 2012, vol 22, pp 1–23.