Dr. Svetlana Zdravković

  • Institute of mental health, Belgrade
  • College of Social Work, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Centro Italiano di psicologia analitica, Rome, Italy

Professional Experience

2022 –  Grant award coordinator, COST action 18124, European sexual medicine network (ESMN)

2021 – Docente, Centro italiano di psicologia analitica (CIPA), Rome, Italy

2020 – Asst.prof.,  College of social work, Belgrade, Serbia

2019 – Lecturer by invitation, Univesita di Salento, Lecce, Italy

2017 – Lecturer and workshop leader by invitation, C.G.Jung Club, London, UK

2007 – Lecturer and workshop leader by invitation in ISAP, Zurich, Switzerland

2012  – Doctor of psychology, clinical psychologist, lecturer and workshop leader

2015-2019: Coordinator of  psychological services and a person for public relations

2012:  PhD

2010 – Lecturer and workshop leader by invitation, member, IGAP, London UK

2007 – Certificated Jungian analyst

2001:  Specialization in medical psychology

2003:  MA degree in psychology

1994 –  Working at the Institute of mental health, Belgrade, Serbia

Expertise and Research Interests

  • Psychotherapeutic work with adults and adolescents
  • Jungian psychology and analysis
  • Clinical psychology
  • Sexuality and sexual disorders, addictions
  • Psychology and creativity
  • Active imagination and dreams
  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Psychology of personality

Selected Publications

  1. Zdravković, S.(2021). “Challenges in psychotherapeutic work with persons having sexual dysfunctions before and during COVID-19 pandemic – Clinical perspectives” in COST Action CA18124 Published symposium; Salzburg, Austria.
  2. Zdravković, S, Jovičić, S. (2021).  “Psychological approaches in psychotherapy and health tourism during COVID 19 pandemic” in 6thInternational scientific conference proceedings – Tourism challenges amid COVID-19, Vrnjačka Banja.
  3. Zdravković, S. (2020). Active imagination and dreams – creative interplay during analysis, G.JUNG-FORUM-e-Journal der OGAP10. JahrgangISSN 1997-1141
  4. Zdravković, S., Jovičić, S., Gudurić, S. (2019). The voice and speech quality correlates of psychological observations in Jungian active imagination experiment. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research,https://doi.org/10.1007/s10936-019-09635-0
  5. Zdravković, S. (2019). Verbal expression in liminarity during Jungian analysis. Thematic proceedings: Languages and culture in time and space, Novi Sad, Vol 8/1, 539-548.
  6. Rajković, M., Jovičić T., Grozdić, Đ. T., Zdravković, S., Subotić, M. (2018). A note on acoustic features in pitch contours for discrimination of happiness and anger, Acta Acustica United with Acustica, 2018, Vol. 104, pp. 369–372,
  7. Zdravković, S. Jovičić, S. (2018). Stress and emotions in voice and speech: A forensic view. International scientific conference “Archibald Reiss days”, Thematic conference proceedings of international significance, Belgrade, Vol 1, pp. 477-489.
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