Dr. Donia Gamoudi

  • Sexual health services, Malta

Professional Experience

2016 – now: Nearing the end of the specialist training in Geniotourinary medicine (completion date- December 2019)
2014 – 2016:  Completed the core medical training and started higher specialist training in genitourinary Medicine.
2010 – 2014: Foundation doctor in Mater Dei Hospital  covering a range of medical and surgical specialties
2004 – 2010: Obtained my medical degree from the University of Malta

Expertise and Research Interests

I am an HIV and sexual health trainee.  In my day to day clinical practice I screen, diagnose and treat sexually transmitted infections.  I also care for our HIV positive cohort who does vary in complexity from well controlled patients to more complex ones with multiple comorbdities, resistance and complicated ARV drug regimens.  I am also a PrEP prescriber and I am a subinvestigator in the PrEP IMPACT trial which is ongoing in the UK. I am also involved in HIV prevention campaigns educating high risk groups about safer sex, PEPSE and PrEP. I also do outreach clinics to reach hard to engage groups like sex workers, migrants and inmates. Because I practice on a small island where everyone knows each other and HIV stigma is very real, I have an active role in breaking the taboo and stigma around HIV and stopping discrimination.

Other than participating in trials, I am also involved in guideline writing – both at a national and international level.  The 2 guidelines I contributed to include International guidelines on sexual consultation as well as local guidelines on the management of opportunistic infections in HIV positive individuals.

My other area of expertise is managing HIV in pregnant mothers ensuring that they have an uneventful pregnancy, supporting them taking antiretrovirals during pregnancy and liaising with the obstetricians with regards to neonatal PEP  to make sure we avoid mother to child transmission.

Selected Publications

  1. 2018 European guidelines on the organisation of a consultation for sexually transmitted infections – Published on the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology.
  2. Pulmonary nodules with a rash. Published 2018 on the British Journal of Hospital Medicine.
  3. Achieving a satisfactory clinical and biochemical response in Antiphospholipid syndrome and severe thrombocytopenia with Rituximab: 2 case reports.  Published 2017 on the Journal Clinical Case reports.
  4. An atypical case of Post Cardiac injury syndrome (Dressler’s syndrome) following an elective percutaneous coronary intervention- Published 2015 in the European Geriatric Medicine Journal.
  5. Inherited Cancer Syndromes – Published 2010 in the Research Journal of Medical Sciences.