Ayse Deliktas Demirci

  • Akdeniz University, Nursing Faculty

Professional Experience

I took education abroad for my bachelor and PhD degrees through the Erasmus Trainee Program. So I have experience in working with international groups. I still have collaboration with my supervisor and we are conducting several studies. I see the ESMN as an opportunity for me to contrubite to my career development.

Expertise and Research Interests

I am a research assistant in the Nursing Faculty. I have a PhD degree of women’s health and disease nursing. So I am interested in sexual health and well-being. I took many education for sexual health in my doctoral education. My PhD thesis is about developing nursing care model to promote sexual well-being of women. So I want to move further in this thema. I also have some qualifications about research methods. As you see in my CV, I have published in high quality international peer-reviewed journals.