Axelle Bavré

  • KU Leuven: Institute of Family & Sexuality Studies

Professional Experience

2022 – 2025: PhD on sexual aggression perpetration in young, heterosexual men: predictors of behaviors and profiles of perpetrators

September 2020 – April 2023: clinical psychologist at private practice Agimus

September 2020 – December 2021: clinical psychologist at evidence-based group practice FARESA

2020: Clinical internship at the University Psychiatric Centre (UPC), KU Leuven (8 months)

2019: Research internship at the Laboratory of Biological Psychology, KU Leuven (10 months)

Expertise and Research Interests

Sexual aggression perpetration

Sexual coercion

The role of emotions and regulation in the context of sexual aggression

The role of sexual factors in the context of sexual aggression

Masculinity (Hyper – and hostile masculinity in particular)

Experience sampling research

Effects of non-consensual pornography consumption